Kings of France Dynasties

History might be difficult to understand, especially when it’s not the history of your native country.

To help you to understand better the relation between the French king of the History, we have try to explain and answer the question: Where do the king comes from? What was his root family?

We will explain the French king chronologically. Let’s get started!

Mérovingiens – Merovingian Dynasty: from 480 to 750Middle Age

1st French Kings dynasty. Appears after « Astérix time » with his Gauls tribe and Roman Empire.

  • From Clovis to Childéric III.

We call them Mérovingiens because Clovis Grandfather’s name was Mérovée.

Carolingiens – Carolingian Dynasty: from 751 to 986Middle Age

2nd French Kings dynasty.

  • From Pépin le Bref, his son Charlemagne to Louis V.

Capétiens – Capetian Dynasty: from 987 to 1328  Middle Age

3rd French Kings dynasty.

  • From Hugues Capet to Charles IV le Bel.

Valois  Dynasty: from 1328 to 1589  Renaissance

4th French Kings dynasty.

  • From Philippe VI de Valois to Henri III.

Bourbons Dynasty: from 1589 to 1836 Modern Period

5th French Kings dynasty.

  • From Henri IV to Louis XVIII and his brother Charles X

Kings of France Dynasties From Hugues Capet to Philippe 1er

Hope this will make you understand better the History of France ;)

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