Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture was born in the N-East of France and had influenced all European’s buildings landscape.

The first Gothic architecture cathedral was built in Sens during the first part of the 12century. After comes the one built in Senlis, Laon, Paris, Beauvais, Reims… and lots of buildings in Europe.
Gothic style had replaced the Roman style.

What is typical from Gothic Architecture:

  • Flying buttress
  • Crossed vault
  • Thinner and higher edifice than the one built during Roman style period
  • First apparition of stained glasses in cathedral


The Gothic Style turned to be replaced the Flamboyant Gothic Style around 1420 until the 16 century.
As its name Flamboyant mention it, the Flamboyant Gothic Style kept the characteristics of the Gothic Style buildings with its flying buttress and crossed vault but the stones are also sculpted like intertwined fire flame.

A good example of a Flamboyant Gothic Style building is the Justice Palace in Rouen.

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